Cool Birds

Can we talk about drone-hunting birds of prey, and their effect on my work?

These stately, vicious birds are trained to yank unwanted tech from the sky, and represent a beautiful iteration of good design. The anachronistic application of these pre-existing creatures as a solution to the drone problem serves as a personal aspiration - one day, I hope to make furniture that is as pure. 

Using a base material that’s already good at what it does, and with the least amount of manipulation re-directing it towards a new goal - that’s what I’m here for. That sounds like I’m aiming for simplicity, and it’s kind of true. There is a beautiful minimalism in the anti-drone bird. 

It’s also not an uncomplicated situation. I doubt birds recognize robots an an edible substance, or a natural enemy. Yet something feels so right about it. I’m not here to speak against drones, but it really feels like the sky should belong to the birds in this clash. 

An inherent beauty arises in the bird-based solution. No crass weapons, no complicated computers. Just a cool, pretty bird doing what it’s always done, soaring and hunting. 

I’m not on the level of these birds yet, but I’m going to keep working towards it. I have access to materials with raw beauty, and their own stories. I think I see some jobs that these materials can do. I’m going to keep working on smushing the materials and jobs together, and try to make work where the beauty emerges from that relationship. 

Mike Newins