I try to avoid making work that is too material driven. While good design can’t live entirely outside of material and process, letting them define a product feels like an easy way out to me. I work with very few materials as a rule, so as not to let too much energy be consumed by an exploration that’s more akin to shopping than making. The materials I currently use are high quality, ageless and beautiful.


Veg-tan leather

Natural vegetable tanned leather. It has natural variations in color and texture, and develops a rich tone with age. I saddle stitch by hand, a traditional method that’s far stronger than a machine made stitch.

klein blue

I love blue. I wanted to find variety of blue that was timeless, powerful and trend transcending. I searched for it within the work of my favorite artists. Inspired by Yves Klein’s work, I use a water-based ultramarine. International Klein Blue it is not, nor does it have wood glue mixed in to add luster. It’s very close though, and has a rich depth and tone that can be contemplated.




Clean domestic maple, with a natural finish. I use hard and soft depending on the application, which result in slightly different finishes. Maple is a beautiful workhorse, taking any form I need without being the defining characteristic of a finished piece.

Cotton Rope

I purchase my 100% natural cotton rope from a local manufacturer, Ravenox. They proudly make their rope on American made machines that have been in service for over 100 years. I recommend reading their product reviews for 50 shades of TMI.